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Thursday, 17 July 2014

Summer Lips

Summer to me is all about a bright lip.

So out of my top 4 lip products for this summer, 3 are bright - and very bright at that!

The formula of this range from Bourjois is one of the best that I've seen in a long time! It dries matte but doesn't sink into any lines or cracks. It stays on for FOREVER and the colour is so unique and like nothing else in my collection. This is definitely my number lip product this summer - it's fuss free as you feel like you aren't wearing any lipstick at all but gives an amazing effect.

I used to hate orange toned lip products but this coral lipstick is perfect for summer and really compliments a tan. Bring on the sun! 

This cool toned pink is the best shade of pink for my skin tone and is super super bright. Although it has a matte finish, the formula is not drying and is very long lasting on the lip.

This is the lipstick worn by Kim Kardashian on her wedding day. Check out my posts here.

Sunday, 13 July 2014

The Summer Face

 I find it almost impossible to wear a dark lip in the summer - you just have to go bright! And this is one of my favourite bright lips - EVER!

I had heard a lot of good things about the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet lipsticks but believe me, they are even better than you can imagine. That may sound a little dramatic but both the colour and formula of these lipsticks are amazing and perfect for the summertime. They apply matte but are in no way drying. I have vey dry lips so most lipsticks eventually sink into the cracks of my lips but this lipstick never does. For such a bold colour, I would normally feel the lipstick on my lips but I feel like there is nothing on my lips when I wear this. In fact I have often touched my lips and completely forgotten I had lipstick on! But even better - it doesn't smudge!! These lipsticks are almost too good to be true!

Check out my video here to see how I created this look!  

Thursday, 10 July 2014

The Cleanser

There are very few products which I think are amazing, do what they say and offer great value for money. However, the Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm is definitely one of them.

And why do I love it so much - because it literally does take the day off! When I first started using the balm I would initially take the first layer of my make-up off with a face wipe but I quickly realised that I could skip this step and apply the cleanser straight to my full face of make-up. 

The cleanser is a hard balm which melts when it comes into contact with skin. I take a teaspoon amount and rub it into my face, including my eyes and lips. It doesn't irritate my eyes at and I actually find it really satisfying rubbing the product into my mascara laden lashes. I then take a muslin cloth, soak it in hot water and wipe the balm off. I finish off by splashing cold water on my face which closes the pores and stops any bacteria from re-entering. 

I mentioned good value for money as although it is £21 (which is near the higher end for cleansing balms) I bought this product in August which is almost a year ago and I have about a third left - I would say that is pretty good! 

The balm is completely odourless so is perfect if you have sensitive skin or get irritated by perfumed products. In the photos it looks a little dirty from make-up but if this bothers you I recommend adding in the face wipe stage to take off the worst of your make-up before you apply the balm. 

The Take The Day Off range from Clinique also includes an eye make-up remover for lids, lashes and lips. Again I think its amazing and by far the best eye make-up remover I have ever tried and I always go back to using it. See my full review here.

If you are looking for a cleanser that is fuss free and will get the job done then go for this one - I promise you will not be disappointed!

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Review of Kabelo Hair Treatment

So I have had frizzy hair for a while now. I can't say I have had for forever as there was definitely a time when my hair was straight, smooth and frizz free. However, once I started dying my hair and using more heat on my hair I started to notice the difference in my frizz levels.

I have tried pretty much every smoothing frizz reducing shampoo and conditioner, hair serum, hair spray, leave-in conditioner, mousse and finishing sprays - nothing works! Or works well enough. I do like the smoothing shampoo and conditioner from Charles Worthington's Salon At Home range but I wanted something more severe with a more permanent effect.

So I decided to try Kabelo. I had heard a lot of good things about this treatment through friends but there wasn't a huge amount of reviews online. However, I decided to give it a go. 

The treatment costs £125 and claims to last 100 days (roughly 3 months).

When I arrived at the salon this is what happened:

1. My hair was washed with a clarifying shampoo.
2. My wet hair was sectioned and covered with the Kabelo cream. 
3. My hair was blow dried - which took about an hour and half!
4. My hair was straightened using special Kabelo straighteners.
5. My hair was washed.
6. My hair was given a smooth blow dry.

And the results? Well as you can hopefully see from the photos (the second photo is before the treatment and the third and fourth photos were taken straight after the treatment) my hair does look smoother. However I'm not sure it is worth £125. Although my hair is slightly smoother and straighter, I do still have frizz and have noticed as big a difference as I had hoped.

It has now been 2 weeks since I had the treatment and my hair is still smother than it would have been so at least it did do something! However I wouldn't go back and have it done again. I am off to California for a holiday so the heat and humidity will be the try test for the treatment! 

Check out the video on my experience of Kebelo here. You will see more of my hair in action and can decide for yourself if you think it was worth the money. 

If you have any questions about the hair treatment then please let me know in the comments below.

Sunday, 29 June 2014

June Favourites

Summer is officially here and I am happy to say that it actually feels like summer is here as well!

This month I have definitely noticed a difference in the products I am using and the clothing I am now able to wear. Check out my monthly favourites video here to find out which products and clothing items I have been obsessed with throughout the month of June!

Let me know in the comments below what you are loving now that summer has arrived!

Thursday, 26 June 2014

LAX Outfit

Deciding what to wear to the airport is always a tough decision for - I want to be comfortable, I need to warm enough for leaving the UK but cool enough for landing somewhere hot and I also want to look good as well!

So for travelling to LA I have decided to go with this...

These cargo joggers from Zara are super comfy but are skinny joggers so are relatively flattering for joggers. The black top from Topshop is loose and made from cotton so will keep me cool.

I am wearing these wedges purely because I can't fit them in my suitcase! Plus, wedges give the outfit a touch of glamour which I think is an essential when landing in LAX! 

I am taking a backpack (from Asos) with me instead of a handbag as I think it will be easier when travelling and holds more. However I think it still looks chic with the simple leather design.

Hopefully I will be warm enough - I may need to take a scarf or cardi as airports are usually chilly!

Eeeeeeek! LAX - here I come!!

Sunday, 22 June 2014

What I Take On The Plane

It's holiday time!! Yay! And what better way to celebrate than to show you guys what I will be taking on the plane with me!

It may surprise you but I definitely do not travel light! So I was delighted to find out that I am allowed to take TWO pieces of hand luggage on the plane with me!! One is for my shoes (don't judge, I seriously need every single pair I'm taking with me) and the second is my rucksack which has all the usual hand luggage stuff in it... and a few extra things!

Check out my video here to find out what they are!   

Saturday, 14 June 2014



Yay another sunny day! I may live in the Highlands of Scotland but the weather has been strangely nice for the past few weekends. Good weather means two things to me: I get a tan and I can wear nice clothes! 

Today's outfit is a new one for me (except for the shoes) and gives a nod to the orange trend that is sweeping the stores this summer thanks to the SS14 shows.

My dress is from Boohoo and is easy and relaxing to wear. I recently ordered a few dresses from Boohoo but this has to be my favourite as I love the way it fits nice and snug at the top and gradually gets bigger the further down it goes. It may not be the most exciting piece in my summer wardrobe but that can easily be fixed with accessories which is what I (hopefully) managed to do with my orange scarf from Zara

I wanted a lightweight scarf to take on holiday which was big enough to open up and wrap round me if it gets chilly but not something which would be too heavy in the heat. This scarf answered all my prayers! It's made from a super thin material that weighs nothing and when opened fully is huge! The colour is also amazing and like nothing else that I own. I prefer bright orange to deep burnt oranges so its just PERFECT.

The shoes were a purchase from last year but I'll be wearing them just as much again this summer as they go with pretty much any outfit and are really comfy to wear! The wedge is also the perfect height and I find them easier to wear than many of my flat sandals.

Let's hope the sun is here to stay...

Thursday, 12 June 2014

The Men Are Catching Up

"Times are changing" - a term I hear thrown around a lot. However, within the fashion industry, it has never been more appropriate to use it. The surge in gender role reversal and feminist attitudes has not only led to women being more liberal about their choice of clothing but men are also exhibiting much more confidence and interest in their fashion choices.

The statistics below highlight not only huge growth in the fashion industry in general but they also show particular growth in men's fashion:

1. Fashion's total contribution to the UK economy totals £46billion.
2. The UK menswear market has grown by 12% in the past 5 years to £10.4billion.
3. Men's fashion is set to increase by 11% between now and 2017.
4. Global media value generated by London Collections: Men exceeded £40million last season
5. UK media coverage for London Fashion Week exceeded £160million last season whilst international coverage exceeded £120million, totalling £280million.

Although the figures are still much larger for female fashion, they show a promising future for mens fashion and many business are beginning to realise just that. The schedule for LC:M 2014 kicks off on Sunday (15th June) with some of the biggest names in fashion making an appearance. Designers either showing collections or hosting events include Dolce and Gabbana, Moschino, Tom Ford, Burberry, Nicole Farhi, Alexander McQueen, Paul Smith, Jimmy Choo and Pringle. 

All of this high profile interest ignites curiosity and appeal in the wider community with many smaller local business choosing to diversify their product offering into the male market. This is true of image consultants, Intergro, who are now targeting male clients and have just launched a new website which helps advise different "wardrobe personalities" among men. In addition to this, the Perthshire-based company have started a new service known as speed styling and offers consultations via Skype and telephone. This again emphasises the "times are changing" phrase with busy lifestyles being increasingly accommodated by more and more companies.

The founders of Integro, Adele Hamilton and Marlene White, set up Integro 8 years ago primarily to help woman discover which colours and styles suited them best, but the pair are finding an increasing number of men are now using clothes as an asset and subsequently are requiring the service being offered by Integro